Who is Siobhan Guthrie?


I’ve worked as a holistic practitioner for over 20 years, run The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology for 15, I see clients 1-1 at my home in Westport, Co Mayo, work with business coaching clients mostly virtually over skype, love to travel and try to get away at least 3-4 times a year, love to learn new things about business and self development, love teaching and inspiring my foundation and diploma students. I love juicing (though don’t do it enough!), and last year discovered that I quite enjoyed running and completed some 5 and 10ks!  I hate dishonesty and food that pretends to be healthy.  I love (good) LIVE music because musicians are doing what they love to do.  I admire anyone doing what they love with passion. I’ve been told I’m a good listener.  Like everyone I’m doing my best which isn’t perfect, I probably speak too loudly yet can be extremely quiet too!

I’ll admit to working too much, going to bed too late more often than I should, and love a lie in on occasion.  But then the best part of the day is getting up really early – the air feels different then – on a spring or summer’s day (but not in winter!).  I’m a positive person, look for the good in most things, and have a wide network of friends in lots of countries.  Well as you can tell, I like variety!  And as much as it’s great to travel and get away, there’s no place like home, your own bed and peace & quiet (in my house).  I live a mile from my amazing parents, 3 miles from my gorgeous talented sister and her 4 mad kids, 2 adorable dogs and 9 other pets!  I love them all dearly, their energy and their warm hearts.

Life is about living, and while I advocate eating as healthy as possible, it has to be fun to live too.  So I love chocolate and good food. Can’t live for too long with out hummus, smoked salmon, and avocado – and yes that could be in the same mouthful!    I’ve not got everything sorted, because life is a journey of discovery.  Learning to uncover needs, values and rules.  My rule?  Desserts are not for sharing, at least mine isn’t, hehe!

I’ve several websites, but this one is a central place for all things me.  I’ll share what interests me, you’ll find info about my clinic, health programmes and coaching, and links to my Kinesiology Training site. And I hope it’s clear enough that you’ll find what you are looking for.

I’m on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me there too.

I look forward to helping you soon.
Best wishes